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Aion free to play pay to win

aion free to play pay to win

Play or Pay to Win is a new show of m about the Cash Shop of popular free to play online games including some concerns of the Free-to-Play model for MMOs and the pay-to-win stigma.
Is Aion Europe version a pay to win game?
Looking to get into an mmo that i can sink my teeth into.
They dont have all the useful items the players would actually like, as opposed to.They either never do events or just copy/paste old NC ones, which most of the time dont work properly.Forum mods ban players without any reasons, or make them up and lock them out of being able to complain about.Cash items are extremely expensive.Forum staff playing like they were supreme dictators high on cocaine.Login issues were explained and reported 9 months ago, still nothing fixed.20-25 euro for pets (per character).Make a ticket on Thursday, no reply until Monday.

Cash shop is a joke.Thats after weeks of sending proofs to GF with clear videos from dozens of players.Sometimes they even stopped events at a completely different time than usual without any notice to the users, and refused to put the NPCs back so players could get their rewards.Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Dienste.They even ban users for complaining about not being able to use their forums.If you ask about the ban after your account is restored, they ban you again without further explanation.Comments, trion backs down over 100 lootboxes 10 70 comments.Andere, forum, letzte Gewinner: 1 random Premium steam KEY yoann 1 random Premium steam KEY, clarislena 1 random Premium steam KEY ciripottoxd 1 random Premium steam KEY.Most of the players cant even use them nowadays (cookie issue with guest overriding your login).After that, they now take days if even replied, most times just an auto-reply csl creosote sweeping log and closed unless you complain.Euro servers now have more players using hacks than otherwise.
Halloween event was again a copy of NCs, very late and only after complaints from players.