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Bats ecn rebates

bats ecn rebates

In the event the software is cancelled current and next month charges will apply.
BZX Summary Depth: Internal Distribution Distribution Fee 5,000/month Professional User Fee 0/month Non-Professional User Fee 0/month External Distribution Distribution Fee 5,000/month* Professional User Fee*.00/month Non-Professional User Fee*.15/month Enterprise Fee* 30,000/month Digital Media Enterprise Fee* 7,500/month * New External Distributor Credit.opra SIP Bundle includes the following market data products: opra, uqdf/utdf/omdf, and CQS/CTS.Footnotes: Late Fees: A charge of 1 per month on the past due portion of the balance will be assessed on a Member's account that is past due.Clients who do not elect to receive their confirmations and statements electronically will be charged 4 per confirmation and 10 per statement that is physically mailed.If clients request these documents to be sent electronically by email, then there is no fee for that delivery.Definition of 'edgx a high-volume trading platform owned by Direct Edge ECN LLC, the third largest market center worldwide."Options Add OCV" for purposes of equities pricing means adav as a percentage of OCV, using the definitions of adav and OCV as provided under the Exchange's fee schedule for BZX Options.4, in November 2011 Direct Edge annunciated intention to open an stock exchange outside the United States,.Waived if you trade 300,000 shares/month with Options Module 230, realTick Express 200.Market Data Fees: Definitions A Distributor of an Exchange Market Data product is any entity that receives the Exchange Market Data product directly from the Exchange or indirectly through another entity and then distributes it internally or externally to a third party.As a tax, this fee is not rolled into the cost of the trade but rather collected at a later date.Unless agreed upon in advance the lowest volume commission tier will apply and remain in effect regardless of monthly volumes.
To the extent a Member qualifies for higher rebates and/or lower fees than those provided by a tier for which such Member qualifies, the higher rebates and/or lower fees shall apply.
The partnership was further diluted when in 2008 the.

"Step-Up adav" means adav in the relevant baseline month subtracted from current adav.New External Distributors of edgx Top will not be charged an External Distributor Fee for their first one (1) month.A recipient firm must pay a separate mobile phones online cheap Enterprise Fee for each External Distributor that controls the display of the edgx Summary Depth Feed if it wishes such User to be covered by the Enterprise Fee."Step-Up Add TCV" means adav as a percentage of TCV in the relevant baseline month subtracted from current adav as a percentage of TCV.Firms are required to pay any exchange related data fees directly to that exchange."Qualified LMM" means an LMM that meets the Minimum Performance Standards, as defined in Rule.8(e 1 D).Amounts without parenthesis are a rebate.Fee codes applicable to orders routed to nyse Arca will be applied to orders routed to the nyse or nyse American where, pursuant to nyse and nyse American Rule 49, the nyse or nyse American have designated nyse Arca as their backup facility to receive.Cash equity per day.As an alternative to User fees, a recipient firm may purchase a monthly Digital Media Enterprise license to receive BZX Book Viewer from an External Distributor for distribution to an unlimited number of Users for viewing via television, websites, and mobile devices for informational.8 Direct Edge captures all-time high.9 market share for the month of August 2009., Direct Edge passes bats Trading in monthly matched market share making it the third largest stock market operator in the United States, a position it held for 11 consecutive months.
Contents, history edit, the firm began in 1998 as an electronic communication network (ECN) under the name Attain.