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Cash back rebate great fun

cash back rebate great fun

I called "Great Fun" and cancelled (without noting the reason for double charges).
I experienced similar problems, but I actually received the rebate 30 to use on a future purchase.
I filed a dispute claim with my credit card and request a "lock" to prevent further charges from this merchant.
I honestly don't remember this happening, but GreatFun claimed that is was happened.Again, I should acknowledge this Supervisor for handling this issue in free coupons for pall mall cigarettes a very courteous manner, as I understand both the Member Service Representative and the Supervisor are only employees of these conspiring companies that feed on scamming the consumers!So, I sent them an email demanding that they hayden discount movie cinema resend the email or I will cancel my account.For these 2 employees, my advice to youfind another company that is more reputable and worth your loyalty of employment because they need you there more than them, dont be a part of their scam!Show more i just ordered tickets from ticketmaster then there was a link called 'great fun' to get a free.00 mail in rebate, i gave my name address, but then i heard it was a freakin scam, are my tickets going to be cancelled.Mein Konto, suche, maps,, play, news.Conveniently, they told me that I should have already received the email and that they can't resend it for whatever reason.Docs, books, blogger, kontakte, hangouts, notizen, noch mehr von Google.Check out the best and the worst companies in Shopping category for more informed decision or compare.This didn't affect anything because technically, you can get full benefits during that one month trial even if you cancel your account.If choose to continue,.99 will be automatically charged to the credit card used to purchase the "airline ticket".I was told that the membership I cancelled was only with Great Fun and not Shoppers Advantage in which TLG charges occur.I started to notice around June that I am being "double charged" on the membership fee each month by TLG.
I received my 30 check right at the end of the 30 day trial, cashed it, and am now satisfied with the situation.

Cashback was received in reasonable time but here comes the bad part.Im just worried about my tickets that i payed about 400.00 for?I just got my 30 check in the mail and cashed it yesterday.It was very frustrating, though, that they were sketchy and didn't warn me or inform me about the ShoppersAdvantage.I was approaching the end of my 30 day trial and still hadn't received the check, so I figured I had been scammed.Whatever, how to win amazon gift cards india though, I got my 30 30 to use on a future purchase with Ticketmaster If you stay on them and make sure to cancel the account before the end of the 30 day trial, you will get your 60!You just have to work.Also i heard they go into peoples bank accounts, so i immediately.
Membership can be cancelled during 30 days trial period with no obligation, able to keep the cashback regardless membership is cancelled or continued.
Being a busy person whether I doubted the first time I noticed I have double charges and wanted to inquire about this, I just couldnt find time until now in order to devote my weekend scrutinizing and realizing that this is a complete conspiracy.