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Check my rebate cricket

check my rebate cricket

I think the actual job of the Cricket reps isn't to help people, but to put them into an infinite loop of transfers so that they get frustrated and just give.
I asked why the 25 service was still advertised on their website and literally pulled up the site and read it off to her.
Permalink nick09 says: (8 years ago) 0 i love the girl that works in cricket at the hampton store.I'm signing up with Boost.My picture lens is so foggy, when military discount tickets to dollywood i send pics no one can see them.I got my daughter a cheap Cricket phone to use with their 25 a month service advertised on their website.Is Cricket going to help me with this?Yesterday I had an issue with two employees from 5930 Renwick, Dr Houston, TX 77081.I am changing services due to the deception and false discounts.Your customer ID which is on an invoice or statement.Fianlly what I'm ashame of its that Cricket is providing quality service for a cheap price I work hard regigigas sweep for my money and wants the best.It was not shipped out untill a week later when the discounted phone went on sale.Why can't Cricket be competitive and have real cutomer service like the other leading providers?

I can understand that but what I can't understand is when I ordered, it stated that my order whould be shipped in 3 to 5 days, now they say it it will be another 3 more days.Check Status, contact Us 1 for faster service, check your status online.Recently I had added auto pay because it's easier and it gave me a discount of 5 for using.Select a Promotion.Permalink 0, are you passionate about betting?IVE only HAD this cellular deviconth AND IT IS already crap.She checked my zip code and said it was suddenly available, but she'd have to transfer me to another department to have the phone cleared and then they would transfer me back to her and she would finish.The First Name, Last Name and Zip Code of the person who signed up for the account;.