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Clover cow contest

clover cow contest

1) the serving size was changed upping the calories and sugar content tremendous.
My husband and I used to get and go through 4-5 large containers of the old vanilla bean yogurt weekly for breakfast and snacks.T disappoint ed in this change, so I sent the following message to the company: Hi there!HD 59 1920 X 1080 @.97 fps mjpeg 433.5 MB, sD 45 852 X 480 @.97 fps MOV.2 MB, web 29 426 X 240 @.97 fps MOV.2 MB agriculture, animal husbandry, animal nutrition, animals, barn, black, brown, bull, cattle, clover.Daniel Judd celebrates his contest victory, sharing a high five with Clo the Cow as girlfriend Andrea Duszynski looks.The winner of the latest Clo the Cow billboard slogan contest drew from Dirty Harry to get a happy diary.
This only for the new organic low fat blended yogurt.
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Those are all 5 stars.Clo the Cow will be featured on the billboard with the winning slogan, of course, but Clover-Stornetta president Marcus Benedetti says the cartoon cow is more than just a pretty face.Just picked up the new low fat organic blended vanilla yogurt, and I'm so, so disappoint.When you do the math on the new yogurt and compare exact sizes, you have upped the sugar to fast food levels.5g per cup.Love your products and have been eating your organic low fat vanilla bean yogurt for years.The taste difference was significan tly sweeter and for us, sadly intolerabl.Would you like to redownload a copy?It's just huge disappoint ment as I've always trusted the brand to be healthy and with the added sugar we won't be buying this product any longer.Clover is a great company.I love the milk, cream, and half half products.2) old had 150 calories in a cup, the new has 195 3) old had 22g sugar per cup.
So, I just think it's a bad move to dump that much sugar in your products when all of us should be lowering sugar intake.