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Contested meaning in arabic

contested meaning in arabic

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Sangin district in Helmand Province remained one of the most contested areas in the country.
(a) The contested measure complies with the law.7 The contested measure had a due legal basis.
Staff members at both duty stations have contested the Secretary-General's implementation of the Commission's decision.Contested decision 71 contested administrative 55 contested areas Softissimo Inc.Despite these similarities, the relationship with development is one of the most contested areas of human security.General consider / review / resort to all methods of appeal / contestation Legal in this context General Context General Context Financial Context Technology Context Media context Economic Non - literal context General / context - dependent Computer Context - Aware Technology Context clash Computer.Cambridge dictionaries logo, follow us, english, contents.Thesaurus: synonyms and related words contest verb, t (compete) to compete for something: The medal is being keenly contested by eight gymnasts.Undp overhead charges are frequently contested by philanthropic foundations and national government counterparts.To make a subject of dispute, contention, litigation, or emulation; to contend chance to win ipad for; to call in question; to controvert; to oppose; to dispute.General, contesting, general contester, general, litis contestati, legal, contests.However, contested claims to self - determination challenged the standard definition of mercenarism The digging work led to the removal of a hill on the contested land quite close to houses owned by Palestinians On the political front, the President noted good relations with Djibouti.earnest struggle for superiority, victory, defense, etc.; competition; emulation; strife in arms; conflict; combat; encounter.See more translations and examples in context for "contested" or search for more phrases including "contested " contested decision " contested administrative " contest.General, advertising by means of contests.Create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!The management contested that the acceptance rates were seriously declining.
(b) The contested measure pursued a legitimate aim abrogation of contested decision only (Yes/No '3' respondent refused to disclose the reasons for the contested non-renewal.

To make a subject of litigation; to defend, as a suit; to dispute or resist; as a claim, by course of law; to controvert.On, the Ministry of Social Protection upheld the contested decision.This is one of a number of contested border areas.What is the pronunciation of contest?Did you mean: contest, these examples may contain rude words based on your search.The appeal before the domestic courts was administrative and was designed to invalidate the contested measure.The applicant contested the decision to terminate his ipad 3 deals online appointment.Elapsed time: 114.
Another possible crater thought to have been formed at the same time is the larger Shiva crater, though the structure's status as a crater is contested.