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Easy things to raffle

easy things to raffle

For example, two movie passes won't bring in more than 20, but a package that includes movie tickets, a babysitter (include pizza for the kids!) and a restaurant gift card that is branded as "Ultimate Date Night!" can easily bring in over 100.
Alcohol best birthday freebies 2015 there may be a limit on the litres or dollar value of alcohol offered as a prize.Theater tickets including one-time non-speaking role in a play 20 hours of manual labor (landscaping, demolition, etc.) from local company or community service group.For example a beach holiday would be an attractive prize for a raffle held in a regional area.Patrick's Day's dinner for six Prime viewing spot reserved for July 4th fireworks "Pew with a View" front-row seating at Christmas mass Limo ride to view holiday light displays See the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting and/or Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Be the Grand Marshall.Travel Prize maximum amount of spending money that can accompany a travel prize.The last ticket standing will then be the prize winner.I'm a huge fan.Home renovations packages, white goods, audio visual goods, home theatre package, electronics communication devices, gaming supplies, home appliances, photography equipment, Gift Baskets, wine alcohol, chocolate, gourmet food, beauty products, health products, Health, health retreats, gym memberships, gym equipment, sporting equipment, sporting clothes voucher, yoga.And then you'll need to market, promote and sell tickets to a large number of people to make it successful.Find great prizes, Decide on a format for ticket sales (Will you have labeled sheets (a-z) with numbers where people fill out their names, or will ticket buyers receive a ticket that they keep till the drawing Decide on a date and place for the.Are you planning a silent auction to raise money at your next special event?Prizes and Pricing, your style of prize will affect the ticket price you select.RaffleLink has developed relationships with a selection of businesses to access prizes at a reduced cost.Just like the above, the prize will be 50 of the funds raised, but the tickets will be sold at a high price, with only 100 tickets available.Read more about this great fundraiser here.
Niche prizes may have a limited audience so your ticket price may have to be higher to offset the lower number of ticket sales.

Encourage your helicopter pilot to circle and swoop over the field quite a bit to provide some intense anticipation before he drops the parcel.Assortment of wines Spa: Bath salts, slippers and gift card to local spa Rainy Day: Games and goodies for a day indoors Campfire: S'mores and unique gear Beer sampler Movies: Popcorn, boxed candy and certificate to local theater Car emergency kit Beach party: Beach towels.Second hand Goods current market valuation, a certificate of roadworthiness for a vehicle.Instead of finding prizes for the raffle, the winner will receive 50 of the funds raised as the prize.If you found our list of 100 items useful, please click to subscribe to weekly updates from Winspire News.Do you know any great prizes weve missed?Most Nonprofit fundraising events aren't complete without at least a few tables filled with donated items for your supporters to consider.Cow Patty Raffle: Almost exactly the same as the above idea, but instead of having a helicopter drop a parcel; you employ the services of a cow and its poop!
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Car Raffles: A high end raffle idea that can be exceptionally profitable.