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Egg drop contest winning designs straws

egg drop contest winning designs straws

One scientist even recommended simply placing your egg inside an unbreakable bottle full of salt water. .
Of course, you'd have to weigh down the bottom of the box to make sure your contraption doesn't land upside-down.
Click on the RSS button after you add a comment to subscribe to the comment feed.This one survived a 145-foot drop in the atlanticbt Inaugural Egg Drop Contest. .(It might scramble, though.).I participated in one egg-drop contest when I was in elementary school, lost miserably, and immediately put it out of my mind. .It looks like a combination of the parachute and bungee method.Egg Drop project by: Paralola124 i did this egg drop project for school, materials needed : wire coat hanger, straws, string, rubber bands, dixie viral marketing examples in india cup, and time *note : I strongly recommend covering up the top so the.While gathering hidden pullet eggs out of our pasture, though, one slipped through my fingers and hit the ground, but only cracked instead of shattering. .

Our chicken waterer keeps hens happy with clean water.I started wandering around the internet in search of the best egg-drop contraption, but got bogged down in those afore-mentioned rules. .When a contraption like this hits the ground, the inner box will bounce in relation to the outer box, but shouldn't hit anything, and thus the egg doesn't crack. .Quick video of my winning egg drop project design.Leave a comment and share your winning design!I haven't seen any hands-on attempts to use this method, though, so be sure to try it out before bringing a salted egg to your contest.You can coupon for dominos pizza code use any stretchy substance in place of the rubber bands, and one simple alternative is to place the egg in an uninflated balloon (or a nylon stocking tie the end of the balloon around a pencil, and then use the pencil to suspend.
I can't resist closing by showing you yet another winning egg-drop entry. .