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enterprise com promotional code

Initiative In PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions, the basis from which all advancement plans are executed.
Dataset A data grouping that enables role-based filtering and distribution of data.
The accounting date determines the period in the general ledger to ebuyer com promo code which the transaction is to be posted.
You can accumulate a single value over time or multiple values over time.This limit can be used to assure that similar student populations are packaged equally.Portal registry In PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, the portal registry is a tree-like structure in which content references are organized, classified, and registered.The summary ledgers are then accessed directly for reporting.Branch A tree node that rolls up to nodes above it in the hierarchy, as defined in PeopleSoft Tree Manager.In PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources Management and Supply Chain Management, any set of records that are associated under a single name or variable to run calculations in PeopleSoft business processes.2000: Sybase returns to profitability under the management of John.The limit could be reduced by amounts equal to such things as expected family contribution (EFC) or parent contribution.KPI Abbreviation for key performance indicator.

In August of the same year, Sybase promoted the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP a platform for developing mobile applications across a heterogeneous environment.Serial genealogy In PeopleSoft Enterprise Manufacturing, the ability to track the composition of a specific, serial-controlled item.Watch this special movie trailer to see how Oracle software and hardware are combining to deliver a powerful new punch for todays most innovative companies.Match group In PeopleSoft Enterprise Receivables, a group of receivables items and matching offset items.Sessions must be posted to enter a matching gift or pledge payment, to make an adjustment, or to process giving clubs or acknowledgements.August 1991: Sybase goes public at a split adjusted price.40.Saved bid In PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing, a bid that has been created but not submitted.Score In PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing, the numerical sum of answers (percentages) to bid factors on an event.A course has a standard syllabus and credit level; however, these may be modified at the class level.Summary tree A tree used to roll up accounts for each type of report in summary ledgers.
The quantity on hand will never be maintained.