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Get raffle prizes donated

get raffle prizes donated

The dragon you bought is now level 5 or higher (8) When donating dragons, 1 dragon ID per person.
(5) You are more than welcome to buy tickets for pools with prizes that you donated.
IThis feedback umust/u be uon-site/u./i If you are not reputable enough to have 3 people's worth of feedback who can send me this type of photo upon request then I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to turn down your donation simply for my own.If you have your tickets custom-printed, expect to pay about 50 for 1,000 tickets and allow at least 3 days to get your tickets.If your dragon does not have one or more of the traits listed in the "desirable dragons" section of the prizes I'm looking for list, then it will be exalted or resold, and the money made via this exalt will go towards the raffle.You can search for specific codes by holding down ctrlf, then copyingpasting the dragon ID in the search bar.Let me know if you can think of anything else to add to this pool that you think fits the theme!I will be keeping track of dragon ID's so that dragons don't continue to cycle back to me and this raffle.IFor example, if I need a Speedy Familiar to complete the need list of a Timed Prize, you get a grand total of 600 bonus tickets for it (500 for it being a retired item, 75 for it being on the Timed Prize Wishlist, and.
Here are some great suggestions for prizes under 25: Further reading).
A: The particular types of items I'd consider "trash" would be useless materials/trinkets (unless they're in very high quantities) because they're not really useful to anyone except in hoard-sell value or potential collectors.

Once an ID has been taken by someone, that ID cannot be taken by anyone else.Good Luck!/size size5bneed/b size itemDeeprealm HunteritemSpiney WhaleitemTunnel HydraitemHydraitemFeatherback BoaritemUndying SilverbeastitemCrystalhide JesteritemHawksbill GoliathitemRocitemCrowned RocitemDisoriented SpirititemMalevolent SpirititemWartoaditemMolten WartoaditemMantaruneitemWave SweeperitemFrost DelveritemStone Borer size4iThe first 2 familiars drop in the Redrock Cove, next 2 in the Volcanic Vents, next 2 in the Arena, next 2 in the Rainsong Jungle.(4) bNot all prize donations will be used as prizes./b uMost will/u, but if I'm getting a large influx of say, highnoon hanks, then I'm going to use some of the extra to get more desirable prizes by selling them, brewing them, etc.IYou can search for specific codes by holding down ctrlf, then copyingpasting the dragon ID in the search bar.Be sure to check the 2nd tab of the dragon donations spreadsheet to make sure that the dragon ID is not taken.Q: Do I get the completion walmart distribution center discount bonus if there is only 1 item on your need list?If you don't like the idea of me or someone else potentially exalting, reselling, giving away, etc.Remember that you want your prize donors to get maximum publicity so they donate another prize next year!This is the first in a series of posts giving suggestions for raffle prizes for specific budgets.
(7) You may donate dragons you purchase from me and/or my hatchery (Nikephoros Orphanage) under certain restrictions.