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Gift certificate laws saskatchewan

gift certificate laws saskatchewan

This means that prepaid phone cards and credit card-branded gift cards sold in Ontario may have expiry dates and a variety of applicable fees of which consumers should be aware.
You can contact the Consumer Protection Branch, of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General at: Consumer Protection Branch, suite 500, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive, regina,.
Consumer Protection Gift Card Laws, as of April 1, 2009, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have consumer protection laws in force specifically regulating gift cards2.2 The gift card laws in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are of very recent vintage having been "in force" only since November 2008.7 The application of a province's unclaimed property laws to a particular gift card program is fact dependent.Over the past year or so as many provinces (following the lead of Manitoba and Ontario) have passed new laws on the subject, the legal regime regulating gift cards has been changing rapidly and has become increasingly complex.The supplier receives payment for the future purchase of goods or services, while the purchaser or subsequent holder of the card acquires the right to obtain goods or services from the supplier at a future time.Note the legislation is not intended to apply to tickets bought for a date specific event or to time limited membership cards (e.g.They are a simple, online computer buy in pakistan low-fuss way to give your friends and loved ones the chance to buy something theyll really love from their favourite retailers.In some provinces or territories, merchants may charge a fee to: replace a lost gift card customize a card activate a card maintain a gift card from a shopping mall after a certain period of time.Do these rules apply to telephone cards?Are there any exceptions to the rule that pre-paid purchase cards, including gift cards and gift certificates, cannot have an expiry date?Can restrictions be imposed on the use of a pre-paid purchase card?Am I required to collect GST?This will usually go out the day of receipt, or the next business day.Only if your gross business income is over 30,000 a year. .They can sell the cards they already have, even if they show an expiry date.
Examples include gift cards or gift certificates bought at retail outlets, multi-use recreational or entertainment vouchers, pre-loaded money cards (that do not have a cash back feature) branded or issued by credit card companies, and pre-paid vouchers, passes or tickets that can be redeemed for.

For a summary of provincial and territorial consumer protection laws concerning gift cards, please see Table 1 at the end of this bulletin.Established by the federal government, they strengthen oversight of consumer issues and expand consumer education in the financial sector.Set a limit, consumers often go above and beyond the dollar value attached to gift cards.Sometimes gift cards for a specific service may carry an expiry date.I don't have a written agreement.Consumer Protection Division Saskatchewan Drive.In certain provinces and territories, an expiry date is permitted if the gift card is issued for charitable or promotional purposes or is sold for a specific good or service.Where can I go if I have a gift card or gift certificate and the business is not complying with these rules?Call Consumer Protection Division, if you have questions about gift cards, you can contact us toll free at or by email.General rules of contract apply, unless the government enacts laws to regulate gift card sales and use.Statistics Canada has produced reports with information on gift card trends which may be useful to consumers.
If the card is not so activated, it does not expire.
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