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Hf contest tips

hf contest tips

I worked a rare DX station.
Some contests are worldwide events, where you contact anybody and everybody, whereas others might be based on a particular country or area, and the idea is for stations outside that area to only contact those inside the area.You can find some of the Contest Preferred Segments in a series of images drawn up by VK4EMM here, or check the contest rules, which often give recommended operating frequencies.QSOs are worth 1 point in your jcpenney com coupon code own continent, and 3 points for a different continent.You should stick with three digits, until your number of contacts exceeds 999.Do I have to pay to take part?Yes - this is the preferred method these days.What's it all about?However the computer does make life a lot easier, by checking for duplicate contacts, keeping the scores in order, sending CW from the keyboard, and a whole lot of other things as well, so its best to use one if you can.Again, check with the rules, or if in doubt, contact the organizers.

The site was created April 30, 1997.You can send a different report if you wish, but a lot of the contest logging programs fill in the report automatically, so its best not to upset people by making them change.That would give you a QSO points total of 5075125 and a multiplier total of 123042.Most recent revision December 16, 2017 (0835 UTC).They concluded was that the contestant was running HP on 80/40m but not full-time, just 10 minutes here and there without any convincing evidence.Note: The contesing wiki site hosted at m is now offline, however, the link below now points to the internet archive at chive.Join a club or help a local contest-station.And enter lots of contests.Lots of useful information here. .OM7M - Low Bands Contest Club.