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Is sweepstakes legit

is sweepstakes legit

"The typical information collected on the registration page is name, e-mail address, phone number, home address and, on occasion, date of birth." According to m, once you have received notification, you will be asked to complete (and sometimes notarize) an affidavit, which is a legal.
By running the sponsor and sweepstakes name through a search engine like Google.
"You can only win a sweepstakes that you enter according to Sandra Grauschopf, guide to contests and sweepstakes with.Foreign Lotteries, sometimes a letter you get will say youve won a foreign lottery or sweepstakes.These rules may be many pages long, or they may only take up a sentence or two, but they should be present and easy to find.To avoid confusion, organize your entry forms in alphabetical order so you may reference them upon coupon for online shoes receiving notification."Check the site for official rules says Gina Mucci, assistant account manager at Realtime Media, one of North America's leading technology-driven promotions specialists.Comstock, advertisement - Continue Reading Below, sweepstakes and giveaways have become an enormously popular pastime for people all around the worldin fact, some people have become so dedicated to the craft that they are able to survive off their winnings and cash exchanges.Theres also no reason to give someone your checking account number or credit card number in response to a sweepstakes promotion.Its illegal to ask you to pay or buy something to enter or increase your odds of winning."When a legitimate sponsor sends out win notifications, they want to ensure that the information arrives at the winners' doors in a reasonable amount of time.".Wiring money is like sending cash: once its gone, you cant trace it or get it back.This is a fake check scam. .Its not likely youve won a big prize if your notification was mailed by bulk rate.

Your notice was mailed by bulk rate.Image Serts / Getty Images.Look for signs of a scam, but if youre still unsure, contact the real companies to find out the truth.Scammers tend to use bulk mail, she explains.Does the Sweepstake Require a Reasonable Amount of Information?You may be told to wire money to an agent of Lloyds of London or another well-known company often in a foreign country to insure delivery of the prize.I subscribed, and haven't looked back since.You might find no results at all, or you might see complaints and warnings from other people who received the scam.A few sites disguise themselves as sweepstakes but are actually just trying to get your personal information for use in spam marketing, scams, or identity theft.
Be warned that real sweepstakes companies are usually one to their own and will send notification letters directly to winners.