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Monroe rebate problems

monroe rebate problems

Mike Gerber, 05:56 PM redgtxdi, Sorry you are having all these problems.
(Yes, I checked/doubled checked links, bushings, brakes, etc.
Actually, I've just thrown away the boxes this give away the farm meaning week.(nervous much?) :lol2: As for the s, they're still on the car and still doing well.
(yea!) 118.99 per corner.(I think the *limited* part is only to the original purchaser/owner) Mike Gerber, 01:45 AM I would have responded to this thread sooner, but the wife and I just got back form a short vacation.I'd like to know exactly where the rattle comes from, but since I'm promotion code for superdry online not takin' these suckers apart, nor receiving a paycheck from Monroe to reverse engineer these things, I can only speculate that rental vouchers massachusetts it's between the upper spring seat and the t at's only.Can I still get the rebate?So, let's say another 50 for boots bottom rubber.(But avoid extended use above 90 PSI, Monroe says, implying, perhaps, that you should only go higher for occasional heavy loads or drive-by shootings.).Would you recommend it now after additional time has passed?(Rears looked similar to Monroe, yota does an incredibly thorough job up front as you can't even SEE the shaft w/ Toyotas.I assume you mean the sway bar end link?All offer submissions should be postmarked until June 30, 2016.

Jounce is minimized surprisingly, although this reduction doesnt seem as affected by vehicle speed as Monroes Road Sensing Technology marketing materials claim.Monroe Shocks Struts up to 100 Rebate Tire Discounters Receive up to an 100 rebate when you purchase a select set of Monroe Shocks Struts.Unfortunately, faster-spinning odometers have the nasty side effect of more quickly chewing up your cars normal wear items.Redgtxdi, 12:18 AM.Finally found one that had a couple in stock that were a different date code.Well, when I tried this on the D/F strut (since replaced) it was a smooth turn.Our promotions are planned for very specific time frames.Please allow 2-3 weeks from the date your rebate was approved to receive your prepaid card.(I'm not the lowering type so no fancy purple lowering springs for me) :grinno: xfeejayx, 10:12 PM yea, but all that probably costs a total of about 500 a pair (i'm guessing compared to the 335 I paid for.
Sealing the deal for my resounding endorsement was the miracle wrought in the trailer-hauling department.
So it's definately a top end problem.