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Nike employee discount abuse

nike employee discount abuse

'I cooperated with them and travel sweepstakes 2015 removed all existence of my posts to friends on Facebook as soon as I was made aware of my mistake, but yet they still sacked.
How can you identify this policy abuse and develop operations and company culture to prevent it?
Part of the confusion surrounding employee discount abuse is the confusion over its definitions.
Daniel Jones accumulated the shoes while working at Nike's flagship store, he advertised five pairs after his mum asked him to clear out his wardrobe.'They told me I wasn't allowed to advertise their stuff but I was only having a clear-out like anyone else.'.Mr Jones had bought two of the pairs himself at full price and two at a discount and had been given the fifth pair for free.It's not a big deal and I don't think anyone would care.'I thought I'll just stick the trainers on Facebook along with a lot of other clutter to see if anyone of my close friend wanted to buy them.Because this may be seen as a gray area by middle or upper management, it represents an area where retailers are likely to make inconsistent decisions.What the invoice doesnt indicate is who actually purchased the merchandise.For retailers, especially loss prevention professionals, discount abuse is a crime at worst and a severe and actionable policy violation at best.'The Nike Employee Handbook states that the re-selling of discounted Nike goods by employees at a profit is considered gross misconduct.But, you paid for everything so you don't have to worried about anything, the discount were not applied to your friends, because they didn't pay The cashier applied the discount for you and you paid for everything so the discount is only used for you.Mr Jones said he would have accepted 200 and was not trying to 'cash in'.
The whole nonsense has been so distressing, I've had trouble sleeping.

8 years ago 0, thumbs up 3, thumbs down, comment).False discounts remain concealed from accounting because the sale is entered into the point-of-sale system.The invoice shows the merchandise items that were sold, and that the amount of cash collected plus the employee discount is equal to the total sales amount.It determines the outcome for the violator and whether an employee is fired or arrested may make a difference as to how the employer wants to be seen in any given community.Look for count discrepancies, significant changes in your inventory shrinkage amount and excessive write-offs for damaged or destroyed merchandise.He or she keeps the price difference for themself.
Best Answer: You're not going to get fire for something little like that.
Lauren Christin : December 02, 2015, employee discounts are a great benefit to provide, but it is not at all uncommon for employees to abuse this benefit for themselves or for friends and family.