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Online discount brokers nz

online discount brokers nz

Reply With", 02:06 PM #13 Bought some shares on all american idol winners the ASX through ASB Securities online broking, paying through the Cash Management Account.
"We have qrp contest station quite a wide range of folk who have effectively just chosen to transact without advice, or the requirement for advice says Direct Broking managing director Mark Peterson.
The Government deliberately made it as easy as possible for average Joes and Janes to get a piece of the action.
Disc holding - GOR, ISX, NMT, TLM, WSA YPB.OT/OCA (one triggers an OCA order) - submit an order; if that order is filled, submit two orders simultaneously; if one of these orders is filled, cancel the other.But in time, all 100,000 newbies will have an important decision to make.But that certainly doesn't apply to everyone.That makes sense for everyone involved, because if you don't have much cash you're going to burn through your investments in FUM fees or brokerage anyway.When they want to either sell their stake or start investing in other companies, they'll need to enlist the services of a broker.Reply With", 07:16 PM #14 Cheapest ASX broker is Interactive Brokers @ 6!Hi, i'm new to investing and looking to invest over long term.To get the AU29 rate you must be trading in Aussie currency and have an Aussie bank account.I was wondering who are the cheapest brokers in NZ?There are many other advantages in trading US markets - faster, more depth, cheaper, bigger, more volatility, easy cheap shorting, more opportunities, less slippage, far superior trade monitoring facilities, infinitely better on-line screeners, etc, etc.

Don't think so, I trade (should I say invest long term in case the IRD are reading this!) Aussie shares thru them with settlement thru their NZ call account - long term and infrequent account so 3 point nba contest not to worried about exchange rate, still only get.9.99 a trade, short or long, any value.Every time you buy or sell shares, your broker clips the ticket.Say you want to buy 10,000 tivo shares, for example.First NZ Capital head of wealth management Martin Poulsen considers that level of access to be one the firm's key advantages.When you're ringing around your shortlist of potential companies, be sure to ask what relationships they have.The state asset sales programme has pulled a horde of brand new investors into the sharemarket.
National Bank and Directbroking both charge.
Are they the cheapest around?