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Pokemon contest moves list

pokemon contest moves list

Hypnosis Startles all of subaru factory rebates the Pokémon to act before the user.
Sunny Day/Flamethrower is a wonderful combo that gives you 8 hearts in the end.Remember, after using Double-Edge or any other kamikaze-move the startling move give you the double amount of black hearts, so be careful.Heal Order Badly startles Pokémon that used a move of the same type.Name, type, appeal, jam, effect, absorb, quite an appealing move.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Dark Void Clever 2 0 Can make remaining Pokémon nervous and unable to use moves.There are rumors that you can steal them from certain Battle Tower Pokemon, but this is false, because after the battle ends your health, moves and items become the same they were before.Many of these moves can follow up one move to form a combination, as well as be followed up by another move to form a different combination.154 Fury Swipes Normal Physical Tough?Follow Up Destiny Bond Smart 8 0 Makes a great appeal, but allows no more to the end.320 Grasswhistle Grass Status Smart?Whirlwind Causes the user to move later on the next turn.211 Steel Wing Steel Physical Cool?213 Attract Normal Status Cute?

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060 Psybeam Psychic Special Beauty The target is attacked with peculiar ray.268 Charge Electric Status Smart?111 Defense Curl Normal Status Cute - - 1 Can avoid being startled by othrs once 112 Barrier Psychic Status Cool - - 1?Follow Up Dragon Claw Cool 2 1 Startles Pokémon that made a same-type appeal.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Stealth Rock Cool 2 0 Can make remaining Pokémon nervous and unable to use moves.020 Bind Normal Physical Tough 15 75 1 Things such as long bodies or tentacles are used to bind and squeeze the target for four to five turns.A highly appealing move 006 Pay Day Normal Physical Smart Numerous coins are hurled at the target to inflict damage.The target faint instantly if this attack hits.Rock Tomb Makes audience expect little contest online for money of other contestants.
Drill Run Tough 3 0 If the appeal of this move is greater than the appeal gained by the contestant immediately previous, it will be doubled.
Follow Up Arm Thrust Tough 2 1 Startles the Pokémon that has the Judge's attention.