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Sweep the board synonym

sweep the board synonym

The limo swept up to the door.
6 : to touch a surface of quickly The musician's fingers swept the piano keys.He swept the crumbs from the table.He swept the curtains aside.Sweeping all others aside, she pushed her way to the front.Raymond, Daily Intelligencer, "Trump Claimed He Sold All His Stocks Just Before the 1987 Market Crash. se dejaron llevar tanto por el entusiasmo que.
Fires swept through the forest.

Her dress swept the ground as she walked.The kitchen needs a good sweep.Griswold has been a teacher for so long that the sweep of her influence extends across three generations of the townspeople.Will bunch, m, "Why are.'s congressmen a national joke?Oh, what can I do with him, he is a regular little sweep!Idioms to sweep sth under the carpet (Brit).I need to sweep the kitchen.Your concerns lie beyond the narrow compass of this study sweep suggests extent, often circular or arc-shaped, of motion or activity.Dave melton, Post-Tribune, "Lowell's Alec Fleming and Jordyn Boyer win individual semistate titles 21 Oct.
The crowd swept me to the exit.
Recent Examples of sweep from the Web Following the three-game sweep by the Astros, the Mariners postseason hopes seem to be on life support, if not all ready ruled dead by some.