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Sweeping the cervix at 38 weeks

sweeping the cervix at 38 weeks

I started off at 1cm dialated and my doctor started stripping my membranes actomatically set me into 4cm dialated then he stripped them again straight to a 7 and from there on the baby started coming.
What does it mean to have your waters broken?Liangchiasuen, answered 3/10/12 5 found this helpful, my doctor told me if you don #39;t go into labor within 24 hrs of having the sweeping done then it didn #39;t work.It is now Thursday and still no baby.The procedure may southwest airlines discount for death in family also be called a stretch and sweep, because if a sweep isn't possible, your midwife may still try to stretch or massage your cervix.Why is a Stretch and Sweep done.Risks of having a Stretch and Sweep.How effective is a Stretch and Sweep?Why am I rushing my baby?The goal for having a stretch and sweep is to stimulate the production of the hormone prostaglandin which occurs naturally in the lining of the uterus.Although theres no guarantee it will start your labour, it does help some women avoid having their labour induced in more invasive ways.If your waters have broken but labour hasn't started, membrane sweeps are not recommended as, in these circumstances, they can increase your risk of infection.You also have the right to say no to this procedure.If there is any change from normal or anything which does not seem right, then the stretch and sweep should not be done.

This is sometimes enough to initiate labour without any need for any other induction methods.A cervix which is high and closed is not ideal for a stretch and sweep.The obstetrician or midwife will do an abdominal examination first and listen to the babys heartbeat.It is now Saturday 1pm.They need to be careful that they do not break the membranes when they are doing this.They will check if your cervix is what is known as favourable.g.I think I was stripped one other time a week before.This stimulation may be enough to start the ripening of your cervix.
Day one came and went, even with me walking a ton and trying at-home remedies to jump start labor, no progress.