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Unison tax refund service

unison tax refund service

We are a democratic organisation which is accountable to our members and as such should not be providing misleading information or advertising a service which could leave them with a financial detriment.
To find out if youre owed some money, start your application.
This information is misleading and has already breached the trust of our members.Examples of how this can be done follow: Examples of how you can do it yourself: You can claim a tax body shop promo code july 2015 refund if youve overpaid in the current tax year or any of the previous 4 tax years.The Branch Secretary was able to convince the member not to leave unison and is working with her to contest this obligation.Your browser isn't supported, it looks like you're using an old web browser.Send documents like your P45 or P60 from your employer to hmrc too if youve got them.Only YOU will be told if PTS think you owe more tax, NOT HM Revenue.Free, furthermore, it does not make it clear that members will be charged 39 percent of money which they are not only entitled to but have already paid tax on, but disguises the fee to be paid to the Tax Refund Company by using persuasive.To get the most out of the site and to ensure guides display correctly, we suggest upgrading your browser now.In the meantime, we will publicise information and guidance on undertaking a tax code check and making a tax refund claim.The Tax Refund Company is advertised to unison members by email and through letters to their home address.PTS do not charge a minimum fee, so no matter how much they get back, you will always receive 61p from each.Alternatively, if you have a payroll department: Go to speak to or email your payroll department and explain that you think you have been taxed too much, they may be able to contact hrmc and provide the relevant documentation on your behalf.Advertising the Tax Refund Company to unison members is putting our integrity in question.The service offers you the most cost-effective way to check if youre owed a tax refund.Please note that the unison plus Tax Refund Service is no longer a unison-endorsed service and has been withdrawn from the membership benefits package.The member was shocked and upset at this news asking why unison would support a company who would take such a large amount of her hard earned cash.
Our aims and values are in stark contrast to those of the Tax Refund Company.

Claim direct from hmrc, call or write to HM Revenue and Customs (hmrc) and explain why you think youve overpaid.1 in 3 unison members whove checked their tax code using unisons tax code review service, have found out that HM Revenue had sent their employer the wrong tax code and their employer had taken too much tax off them as a result!PTS dont charge for checking your tax codes.After clarifying with hmrc the amount she was due the unison rep then had to inform her that she was obligate to pay approximately 400 to the Tax Refund Company.Which implies this is a unison owned company and as such members feel they can trust a company that is owned, or simply advertised, by their union.Its as easy as that!
They will either: send you a refund by cheque tell you why youre not due a refund.
This company has been advertised as unisons Tax Refund Service check youre not paying too much tax!