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Us army travel voucher status

us army travel voucher status

If you already have an existing, signed authorization, click here for step-by-step instructions.
For more information on running reports, check out.
Home RSS Feeds How to Answer the Wheres My Reimbursement?One of the best features of DTS is its timeliness in reimbursing travelers for official travel. .What to do to fix the problem: Reach out to the Routing Official that needs to review/approve the voucher and ask them to take appropriate action. .Travelers may not receive their reimbursement for one of two possible reasons: 1 the voucher hasnt been approved.For details on how to resolve EFT Returns, we have an aptly-named.If you dont see the travelers voucher listed, it means that it hasnt been approved. .You may find yourself receiving pats on the back, above-and-beyond awards, or an enhanced reputation among your co-workers.Additional Options My Account Information screen. .How youll know this is the source of the problem: Assuming you have group access to the travelers documents, open the travelers voucher, go to the.Electronic Funds Transfer Data section of their DTS profile. .To resolve these issues, the TAC recommends deleting your browser's temporary internet files and cookies after each software release or patch.
Digital Signature screen, and see which status is pending in the.
So, humble DTA, we come bearing information that can help if you get confronted with said question.

From there, run the Routing Status Report to identify the source of the routing bottleneck (e.g., the voucher is awaiting the reviewed stamp).After they sign the voucher and the AO approves the amendment, DTS will reprocess the reimbursement using the updated account information.More info due to maintenance, the Travel Assistance Center's (TAC) phone system will be unavailable for one hour beginning at 2100 ET on Thursday, December 14, 2017.During this time, callers can contact the TAC by submitting a help ticket through Travel Explorer (d.mil/passport).Be advised: Use these troubleshooting techniques with caution, as they may result in very grateful travelers. .2 the bank account information in their DTS profile was inaccurate.If you dont have group access to the travelers documents, run the Approved Status Report in the Report Scheduler. .How to Correct EFT Returns information paper.But there may be times when a traveler comes to you with some variation of, Hey world rally championship cars DTA I filed my voucher insert period of time here ago, but I havent received my reimbursement. .
DTA Manual, Chapter 10: Reports. .
(updated 12/07/17 due to maintenance, DTS will be unavailable for 8 hours beginning at 2100 ET on Friday, December 22, 2017.