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Verizon iphone rebate scam

verizon iphone rebate scam

then since the rebate center is not verizon, verizon claims they cant do anythign about it, the rebate center says what verizon does is not their problem.
I also said that I jessica london promo code may 2015 would report the incident to the Better Business Bureau.
I received an email confirmation for my phone order but nothing about a trade-in.
It says you would receive the credit within 2 to 3 bill cycles which is about that amount of time.And its all thanks to Verizon Wireless.While I explained my problem, they responded very slowly, asking me if I filled out the forms and then did I check my email.You guessed it - wait two further calls were answered the same - nothing I could submit, just wait, promo codes for itunes music its not a rebate so there is no tracking.Particularly to a real loyal customer of nearly 15 years.Sharon Weihe, Bartlett, Ill.Kardon unfortunately in order to receive the 200.00 incentive; our recycling center would have needed to receive his previous equipment before the promotion expired.So I really would like my rebate.It happens automatically, I don't have to do anything else?You : the agen I talked to said there was nothing else I needed to do, they would send the rebate for the free one out in a few eeeks.Then in mid-September I got a promotional email from Verizon basically saying that I could trade in my iPhone 4S for an iPhone.We decided to get her a new iPhone and decided to add she came on to my account, Jeans said.Can I even return my new phone then or should I just return it now?After I upgraded the first line, the screen said "Thank you for your purchase!
I specifically asked if there was anything to submit to fulfill the rebate.

Fast forward a few weeks and still no confirmation about the trade-in.I still stand by that post.A Virginia woman said a major cellphone carrier offered her mother a rebate to join their service but never sent the money.After almost two weeks, I called again and spoke to another woman who gave me a new number to call.I wasnt sure if this was directed at me or not, so once again I filled out all the information for a trade.25 but received no gift cards.Then a woman answered and once again I explained the entire story to her.
If its a mail-in offer, photocopy everything, including discount city movers the rebate form, receipt, proof of purchase and even the envelope.