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Who wrote the present truth contest

who wrote the present truth contest

His excuse to dismiss my arguments To my tries to explain him things, his main reply was " You are losing me in complicated intellectual jargon, please be more specific in what you are trying to say.
What goes around comes around.
Because, well, as all people were dumb and ignorant in the past, the only way they could find to feel well with themselves and not be ashamed of "feeling lost" in their ignorance, was to redefine "knowledge" and "ignorance" in a way that actually consists.Just taking the decision that "I'm going to examine this scientifically as a mere intention, and even more especially when wanting to do this about an expected "Ultimate Truth of Life" that was'nt yet "of course" known to the many scientists and other truth seekers.Faith in faith: In and of itself, belief, faith, hope, wishing, good luck charms, holy relics, symbols, positive thinking, good intentions, praying, curses, voodoo, magic spells, fortune tellers, psychics, etc.You say things in such confusing and overly-intellectual ways that would be very hard for people to understand or even read." Normally, as a retired professor of physics, I would scowl at such a response, but the "webmaster" is right on this time.It is not possible to be aware of any gaps in life; it is continuous and never-ending from your own point of view.
He has no bit of evidence that his "method" towards the truth can ever reveal any effective truth to anyone.
Should it also be able make coffee?

4) "In the past, almost no one could know the truth.You want a Universal Truth that all people can understand, agree and join, and with which the world can change?Adventist Review, the official online mobile recharge offers for airtel church newsmagazine, begun by Seventh-day Adventist Pioneer.And, well, there was already nothing new there anyway.People think that they are not good looking enough, young enough, thin enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.It has to go deep into your subconscious.Archive of other links of debating God (m/od/debatinggod Back to main page : Anti-spirituality website).Apart from quantum mechanics of course!The early interpreters did not know the truth.
When you know the truth, you will enjoy the good times more and still avoid a bad time when you can, but when you cannot, the knowledge of the balance helps you get through the bad times.
I was very patient.