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Why did obama win the nobel peace prize yahoo answers

why did obama win the nobel peace prize yahoo answers

Had won the prestigious prize, we ask of customized party giveaways manila our listeners whether this decision was correct and what was the motivation of discount heavenly lift tickets the.
The outcome of the vote was not what President Santos wanted: a narrow majority of the over 13 million Colombians who cast their ballots said no to the accord.
This is a good sign that he himself was not sure and ready to accept an award which even Gandhi did not get.Sima Samar, a women's rights activist in Afghanistan, who kept schools and hospitals open under the Taliban despite threats to her life.And I'm pretty sure he and everyone else in Washington are also still confused.Demand that he graciously return it in favor of someone else more eligible.Human rights investigations evidence-based, independent and rigorous investigation of human rights abuses.President Santos initiated the negotiations that culminated in the peace accord between the Colombian government and the farc coupons codes for nike guerrillas, and he has consistently sought to move the peace process forward.It could've been the rebels or foreign insurgents or something.Report Post, yes, he deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize because he inspires hope and peace in others.I think the united states has become to politically correct, and it is destroying our country.The Norwegian Nobel Committee recognized the president for his work to strengthen international.This makes it even more important that the parties, headed by President Santos and farc guerrilla leader Rodrigo LondoƱo, continue to respect the ceasefire.As well as he has worked to amend the relationship between the Middle East and the West.Obama deserved the prize simply because he is expressing the will of the people.The American president was on a shortlist which was an unprecedented.The award is now just like the Turner prize for Art.The winner, now as we head into another election, I can say now that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was given to the wrong person.
Something that can no longer shock and that no one takes seriously any more.

I think almost the entire planet heaved a sigh of relief when Obama became president; it changed the world, not just our country.Honored for peace in a time of war, President Barack Obama is formally becoming a Nobel laureate under such odd circumstances that even he will make a point.Seriously, if you don't like him, why don't you get a Nobel prize!?There are many more worthwhile candidates at this point.Here is the, nobel committees reasoning in full for awarding it to Mr Santos even after his peace deal was voted down.He has amendments in order to create a plan for comprehensive immigration and ease tensions between countries.Either the Board should have waited a year or more-or Obama should have declined the award.The 'Not Being Bush' award.The only reason why many think he should not have won is because the media only covers huge and eye catching stories or about wars.
The Nobel committee said.