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Wing sweep is defined as

wing sweep is defined as

Ok - we all know engineers wouldn't adopt a global technique on fast aircraft just to make them look cool - so the real answer is that it lets them fly faster, by reducing drag.
How does wing sweep help prevent wave drag?
By changing flap angles at the center or the wing tips, the lift at the most forward or most backward sections can be changed for pitch control, and more sweep increases the lever arm of these changes.When you reduce the amount of air apple voucher flowing parallel to the chord line, you reduce the amount of lift the wing creates.And, they eliminate the wingtip stall problem.Now you have supersonic flow.Flying Almost Supersonic Means The Air's Going Supersonic.That means that the pressure waves can't move forward through the supersonic air flow.The computations were done with the solver Fluent in a simplified case.At high speed, this isn't a problem - your high airspeed requires a small angle of attack to create lift.That shock wave generates lots of drag.The goal was here to compare the two configurations in the same stream.It's Not All Good News - Slow Speed Flight Suffers.As the air flows along the wing, it sends victoria's secret online coupon code 2014 out pressure waves - which move at the speed of sound.For completeness, also the side force Y of fuselage and winglets is added and shows that the winglets help a lot to create directional stability.So, why don't we see them?
To counter this, swept wing aircraft use extensive flap systems - like fowler flaps, and leading edge slats.

(redirected from, swept wing also found in: Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.The airflow doesn't stay supersonic forever - it speeds up, exceeds Mach, and then slows back down to a subsonic speed.Sweepback (swipbæk) n the rearward inclination of a component or surface, such as an aircraft wing, fin, etc sweepback (swipbæk).This is important for flying wings which lack a separate tail surface.Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.Using a triangular distribution (N9-M) or even a bell-shaped distribution (.